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We ride motorcycles, and with that comes the fact that we are increasing our risk of serious injury if an accident occurs. We're not in a Cage (automobile) with the safety of four tires for stability, metal and composite materials for integrity, cables and straps to keep us from flying loose, or balloons that explode in our faces and around our bodies so we can bounce around until we stop.

"We ride motorcycles... therefore, we accept the risk...
and we do this for the enjoyment and experience of it all..."

With that "risk", comes responsibility to our spouse, family, relatives, close friends, significant others, and even society.
That responsibility is to recognize the risk and prepare ourselves, and others, with proper information to deal with any ill results in this risk.

 Including: Injury, Serious Injury, and/or Death

This seems to be an overlooked category of motorcycle safety. No one wants to discuss this, so the subject has been side-stepped and just ignored...

I have visited many web sites to gather information about motorcycle safety for this section of my website. NOT a SINGLE ONE, that I visited, mentioned Medical Information as being a "problem"... maybe I've looked in the wrong places... Personally, I think it's because it's an uncomfortable subject...

I've talked with Law Enforcement - Troopers, Deputies, and the City's Finest - and the "First Responders" (EMS). They are often faced with a problem - it's "lack of information". But, it really doesn't stop there.

Law enforcement's primary objective is to secure the situation and assist first responders. After the situation has been assessed and individuals dealt with, clean-up and traffic control back to near normal, their job is done. They do have the added headache of determining "cause" and deciding who is going to be charged with fault. But, those are internal operating problems to Law Enforcement and have no bearing on the Medical ramifications of the incident. At least in the "initial" sense. Law Enforcement can obtain the information that they typically need by looking at the license tag on the vehicles and looking at the driver's license information if it happens to be "readily" available. They can obtain additional information for "cause, fault and charge" after the initial incident, but they are not the ones making the initial personal decisions for us - the biker.

These "legal" forms have been downloaded directly from the State of Florida and are "immediately" recognized in the State of Florida

In order for "your" personal decisions to be known and followed - the following forms should be used:

These forms are available at no charge, by visiting the following Link and searching
or google search: florida living will

#1 Safety/Medical/livingwill.pdf - FL State Approved Form
#2 Safety/Medical/designation.pdf - FL State Approved Form
#3 General Information Form - Provided by FloridaBiker.Com

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