"The 2 Second Rule"

The Most Important Rule
and unfortunately
The Least One Followed...

If every biker followed this rule - all the time - in every situation -
it would probably save more lives then any "riding rule" out there.

Proper understanding of the 2-second rule is virtually essential to survival;
and yet, it is a rule that is constantly violated, putting everyone in danger.


In fact, it's so simple, that people who try to follow it, still tend to mess it up
only because they can't count...

The rule is this:
Any object (vehicle) which is directly in front of you, should be at least
2 seconds
minimum traveling distance from you.

Sounds simple enough - now how do you gauge the 2 second distance?


 By Counting - While Riding

While riding behind another vehicle (motorcycle or cage), pick a point ahead - then, as the vehicle gets to that spot - begin counting the seconds. A hash mark (dotted line in the middle of the lane) is often used for this beginning spot or mark.

Now Count:  one - two - WRONG!

 Here is the mistake - your counting is wrong

You forgot the first second of time...

Proper Count:  Zero (or "mark") - One - Two

Additionally - Any Vehicle diagonally ahead, or near your side in the next lane should be at least 1 second ahead or behind - period

This means that in Group rides - if you are riding in "double" or "staggered" formation, the person directly ahead should be 2 seconds distance from you, and the person in the staggered position should be 1 second distance from you. PLUS, the persons behind you should be doing likewise - or they are guilty of "tail-gating", and we know what happens to people who tailgate.

Bottom Line

If you can't Count - Maybe You Shouldn't Ride...?