Organizations that Promote Safety
and Work for Motorcyclist Rights

Motorcycle Safety Foundation


ABATE - American Bikers Aiming Toward Education

One of the largest "grassroots" lobbying organizations in the State of Florida and very successful in its mission.

This organization operates by individual state and supports their own lobbyist who represent motorcycle rights for that state. The lobbyist is financially supported, making the operating cost relatively high, which ultimately translates to a membership fee. Representing motorcyclist rights covers a wide area of concern, far more then just helmet laws. The Florida organization has established "Chapters" for the areas of the state. Visit the ABATE main internet page for more information. It is strongly suggested that "all" bikers be a member since government representatives first question is "how many votes does your organization represent?". They love getting re-elected... if we let them...

Florida Membership will give you (as of May 2006) a $4000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefit and a quarterly newsletter from the state organization. By joining through a local Chapter, there is usually a local version of the newsletter included. Example: Alachua County Chapter issues a newsletter six times per year.


A.I.M. - Aid for Injured Motorist

Aid to Injured Motorcyclists (A.I.M.) is a nationwide legal services program with affiliated law offices in every state and Canadian Province to serve the legal needs of the motorcycling community. A.I.M., is dedicated toward informing all motorcyclists of their legal rights and help protect and enforce those rights.

A.I.M. is 100% free to all motorcyclists, and there are currently over 2 MILLION A.I.M. members throughout North America.

This program is sponsored by the Law Offices of Richard M. Lester, and is designed to give more complete medical and legal protection to motorcyclists throughout the USA and Canada when involved in an accident. If you are involved in an accident, your A.I.M. ID card instructs emergency medical personnel to call the toll free 1-(800) ON-A-BIKE Emergency Hotline and the 24-hour A.I.M. operator will relay your critical medical information and will then immediately notify the emergency contact listed on your membership form.

A.I.M. ALSO PROVIDES THE FOLLOWING FREE SERVICES: * Lifetime emergency membership I.D. card * 24-hour hotline for all emergency medical personnel * Emergency accident notification * 24-hour free legal consultation for all accidents throughout North America * Immediate investigation of all accidents * 24-hour criminal defense phone consultation


NCOM - National Coalition of Motorcyclist

NCOM is managed by bikers for bikers. Through its Board of Advisors comprised of motorcyclists' rights leaders representing 11 regions in North America, and a Legislative Task Force that includes four elected state legislators and one United States Senator plus many other experienced legislative advocates from across the country, we have the talent and expertise to serve the motorcycling community whenever called upon to do so.

All motorcycle groups are invited to join the National Coalition of Motorcyclists regardless of what they ride, the patch they wear or the motorcyclists' rights organization they belong to.

ABATE of Florida is a member of NCOM


 ICOM - International Coalition of Motorcyclist

 ICOM is the International level of NCOM above. This organization brings the member groups together internationally to represent and fight for biker rights around the world.