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Motorcycle Safety

is actually several different subjects
Above are links to the areas on this page

  Welcome to the Ride - Video 

No Matter What...

1 Ride within your own personal capabilities and know your limitations - period
2 Practice your abilities on your time, when you can concentrate, but make sure you have someone with you.
3 Don't try something new when with a group. Stay with what you know when on the road. You can practice later.
4 Always have a riding partner until you're confident of your skills and can "go it alone".
5 Take training courses and watch training tapes - "all" that are available...
6 Learn the Hand Signals and Use them. This allows you to join any motorcycle group and safely communicate.


Accepting the Risk
Article taken from the Department of the Navy Website
and Very Well Written


Medical Information
This area deals with the personal risk and reality of riding motorcycles. Most websites ignore this area simply because no one likes to talk the risk and "reality". My suggestion is to read this section fully, fill out the appropriate forms, and place them in your windshield bag, saddle bag, or in your pocket, everywhere you ride. All it takes is a ZIP-LOCK bag with the words "Emergency Information" written on the outside - you're good to go...


The 2 second Rule - Maybe "The Most Important Rule"

Understanding and following this rule is responsible for "preventing" accidents, more then any rule out there. Understanding it and using it is essential.


Hand Signals and Group Riding Rules

This area is only useful if there is more then one riding - and who wants to always ride alone.
For the sake of your safety and those around you - follow these suggestions.



This is one of the most difficult subjects to explain, and yet we all use it when we ride.
A better understanding of it's use could save your life...


Safety Related Organizations

These organizations are open to all Bikers and the General Public
to support safety and Biker's Rights, locally, nationally, and internationally


Helpful Information Files