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Adobe Reader Information

The Adobe Reader is probably the most used program for exchanging document information on the internet, other then the basic internet browser's capability.

This website, uses Adobe Reader for many of the available documents.

 When you see the words "PDF File" - You need the Adobe Reader to open the file

Unfortunately, some computers do not have this program loaded initially or your version may be out of date, and must be installed or updated by you - the computer owner.

I have not found any problems or computer conflicts by using this product. The Adobe Reader is literally used by millions of people, and the "only" reported problems that I've seen deal with specialized programs used by certain "companies". Nothing that the usual home or small business computer should experience. If in doubt, and you want this on your business machine, consult your IT administrator prior to downloading this program. Chances are, the IT department will load the program for you...  making it even easier.

The only way to get the Reader is from the Adobe Company Website

 it's FREE...   just be careful with your answers!

As you answer required questions - make sure you check the appropriate "boxes" correctly

Answer WRONG - and you'll be added to their email list - not horrible or life threatening..
You can opt out anytime - but I just don't like unwanted email
especially when I've caused them to happen in the first place...

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